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Wellness Checklist (t-shirt)

  • 1)  Annual Physical
    • $200 incentive​ (see details and download forms)
      • Only 2.5% of medical spend was used on "preventative medicine" in 2021​
      • Annual Physicals are the best defense against "high-cost" claims 
  • 2)  Gia
    • $25 incentive to register​
      • 7% of medical spend was used for Emergency Room appointments. 
      • 31.7% of ER appointments were considered "non-emergent", meaning it could have been addressed using a lower cost means such as Urgent Care.​
      • Gia is MVP Virtual Urgent Care ($0 copay) offering virtual appointments from the convenience of home or a job site.
  • 3)  Monthly Online Newsletter
    • $25 incentive to register for the text link
      • Contact Patrick with your email address and/or cellphone number (text link)​
      • Saving money on health benefits requires coaching, the newsletter allows the Wellness Program to reach out monthly.
  • 4)  Intervention Programs
    • $50 incentive to participate
      • 80% of healthcare spend and 75% of prescription costs go toward "Chronic Disease Management" (high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, asthma, low back pain, etc.)
        • ​It is estimated, 80% of chronic disease could be managed and possibly cured through lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, and smoking cessation).
          • Smoking Cessation Program ($50)
          • Gym Membership or Activity Log ($50)
          • 35-Day Nutrition Challenge ($50)​
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