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Compete for the "Golden Boot"

The following points are awarded for each member and member-spouse participating:

1)  Fill out the General Health Assessment (1 point for each)
2)  Annual Physical Incentive (3 points each)
3)  Intervention Programs (2 points each)

  • includes nutrition program, gym membership/activity log, "Know Your Numbers", and smoking cessation program​

4)  Newsletter Challenges (1point each)​

At the end of the year, points are tallied and divided into the average monthly enrollment of each company creating a "Wellness Engagement Score". Companies with the highest engagement score will be recognized as Large, Medium, or Small Wellness Companies of the Year.
How can you help your "team"? Be a Wellness Champion, encourage colleagues to register for and open the monthly online newsletter. The newsletter provides information on incentives, it is offered through email and/or as a quarterly text link. Contact Patrick to register!
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