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Life Insurance

The current insurance carrier for life insurance coverage is the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ("Guardian"). The booklet from the insurance carrier, which you will receive when you become eligible for life insurance coverage, contains a description of the benefits.


You qualify for life insurance benefits on the first day of the month following completion of 800 hours of employment during the immediately preceding 12-month period with one or more Employer Members. 

Amount of Coverage:

Amount of Life Insurance $50,000

Amount of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance $50,000

Continuation of Life Benefit

Life insurance coverage shall continue during periods in which you are unemployed because of lack of work until the earlier of the last day of the month following six (6) months of unemployment or the May 1st of the calendar year immediately following your layoff due to lack of work. Your coverage will continue beyond the above stated period of time if you return to work for any Employer Member of the Empire State Highway Contractors Association, Inc. before the first of May.

Termination of Life Benefit

 Your life insurance coverage will terminate if

  •  You are unemployed on May 1st immediately following your last termination for lack of work

  •  You are unemployed for more than six (6) months;

  •  You voluntarily terminate employment with all Employer Members

  •  You are terminated by the Employer for cause

  •  You become employed by an employer who is not an Employer Member

Reinstatement of Life Benefit

If your coverage terminates on May 1st you will be eligible for reinstatement of coverage on the first of the month following your return to work if your period of unemployment is less than six (6) months. You will be eligible for restatement at the rate of one (1) month of coverage for each 100 hours worked until you have worked a minimum of 800 hours in that current calendar year.

Please click here to print out a MS Word document of the Life Insurance Application. This form should be submitted to Colleen Seymour at the Empire State Highway Association Offices, 2481 Higby Road, Frankfort, New York 13340. Please check with your employer for eligibility requirements.


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