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"Take Action" to Fight High-Cost Claims

  • ESHCA analyzes data on health insurance spend to ensure benefits are maximized. The 2021 strategy can be broken into 3 key steps. ESCHA encourages all members and their member-spouse to participate in the following:​​

1)  Use Your Preventative Services ($200 incentive)

  • Annual Physical ($0 Copay); Dental and Vision (100% allowable rate)

  • Preventative services are the first line of defense to combat "high-cost" claims that drive high premiums. 

  • There is a $200 Annual Physical Incentive offered to the member and the member-spouse. Click here for details!

2)  Register for MyVisitNow (virtual urgent care) - collect your $25 incentive

  • MyVisitNow is a virtual urgent care service. Appointments are conducted using your cellphone, computer, or tablet. 

  • Appointments can be done on a jobsite during a break or in the privacy of your home 24/7. Not only is it convenient but it is offered at a $0 copay.

  • Annually, 50% of our Emergency Room spend is deemed unnecessary (MVP). ER services are expensive for members ($250 copay) and the health insurance plan. Several hundred-thousand dollars can be saved if members utilize this service. 

  • Incentive - click here and go to "Register Now!!!", email Patrick a screenshot of the confirmation page!

    • Only 1 incentive can be sent to each member-family; either the member or the member spouse.​

3)  Monthly Online Newsletter - $25 incentive to register for the text message service

  • The newsletter provides monthly communication, coaching members on cost saving strategies.

  • The member and the member-spouse can register through an email sent to

  • This year, ESHCA added a text link service. A text link is sent for a quarterly (March, June, September, and December) newsletter. It will also be used to send emergency notices if unexpected changes are made to the health benefits such as happened with COVID.

  • Incentive - email Patrick your cellphone number.

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