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MVP Member Letter (8/23)
  • Update: Important Information for Members.
Machine Readable Files (MRFs)
  • The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), federal legislation passed in 2020, requires health plans and self-funded employer groups to make provider cost information publicly available to members and plan participants.
  • MVP will update the MRFs on the web page monthly to retain current pricing information and ensure easy access and analyzation of provider pricing and comparison.
  • MVP will provide two MRFs:

    • In-Network: Negotiated rates for covered products and services between MVP and in-network providers

    • Out-of-Network: Allowed amounts for covered products and services obtained from an out-of-network provider

  • Pharmacy pricing requirements will not be included until further guidance is provided by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

  • Please note:  The information on this page is provided in a JSON format and is meant for data aggregators. Federal requirements specifically call for machine-readable files (to be posted on the ESHCA website), you will not likely be able to download and interpret the data on your own. To get cost estimates for common treatments and procedures, use the MVP Health Care Treatment Cost Calculator.  Estimates are based on what your plan covers. For further assistance please contact MVP directly using the phone number listed on your membership card (800)-229-5851.

MVP Member Portal
  • Sign-up to manage your account: access ID cards, check claim status, make payments, download an EOB, and more.

  • Virtual medical appointments: Urgent Care ($0 copay) from the comfort of your home or the convenience of the job site.
  • Also includes: psychiatry, nutritionists, and more!

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