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Welcome to the 2023 Wellness Platform!

Chronic Disease Management

ESHCA Wellness Incentive Program:
  • Why? Incentives motivate and reward members to "practice" a healthy lifestyle.
  • Incentives are divided into 4 categories (A, B, C, & D) as follows: 
A) Annual Physical Incentive ($200) - NEW simplified option!!!
  • 1 Easy Step - provide your Explanation of Benefits verifying you completed your annual physical.
    • Submit page 1 (front and back)
      • Page 2 should say: "Description: Est Pt Prevent Healthy 40 to 64 Yrs"​
​$50 each
B) ​"Take Action" Incentives (Complete 2 of 4) ​
  • 1) "Know Your Numbers" - 2 easy steps
  • 2) Nutrition Course
    • ESHCA 35-Day Nut Challenge (Jan/Nov), Weight Watchers​, MD Prescribed, etc.
    • Diabetes Prevention Program (virtual - offered through St. Peter's Health Partners)
  • 3) "Used" Gym Membership - 40 visits
    • Submit "Log In" records from your health club.
    • Contact Patrick if you have a home exercise program you would like to submit.
  • 4) Smoking Cessation​
C) ​Newsletter Challenges
  • 6 per member-household for 2023​

  • Offered through the monthly ESHCA Online Newsletter, contact Patrick to sign-up!

D) Register for Gia (MVP App)

  • Gia is the all-encompassing MVP app: Member ID Cards, download EOB's, schedule and participate in virtual appointments including Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, Nutrition Counseling, and much more!

  • Gia registration counts as one of your 6 allotted newsletter challenges for the year. Download the app, "screenshot" the confirmation page, and email the "screenshot" confirmation to Patrick for incentive reimbursement.

  • Having trouble? Email Patrick with questions.

​$25 each
Questions? Need to turn in paperwork? Contact:
Patrick Flaherty
ESHCA Wellness Coordinator
(315) 895-5303 
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