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ESHCA Fall Nutrition Challenge 2022
($50 Incentive)

Link to presentation:  Nutrition 101 (PowerPoint)

Link to questionnaire:  Nutrition 101 Questionnaire (fill out and return)

What is required to receive the incentive ($50)?

  • 1)  Both the Member and the Member-Spouse are eligible for the incentive.

    • Challenges are open to all; please invite friends and family to participate; however, the $50 incentive is only available to the member and the member-spouse.

  • 2)  Click on the link provided to open the PowerPoint Presentation and the Worksheet.

  • 3)  Watch the Presentation and fill in the Worksheet.

  • 4)  Return the completed worksheet to Patrick (

I do not have a printer or a computer, can I participate? 

  • Contact Patrick, I will mail you a paper copy.

    • (315) 395-6891​

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