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"Take Action" Incentives:

1) Nutrition Course options:

  • ESCHA 35-Day Mindful Eating Program (offered in January and November)

  • Weight Watchers, MD Prescribed, etc. (contact Patrick)

  • Diabetes Prevention Program (virtual - offered by MVP through St. Peter's Health Partners)

2) Gym Membership (40 workouts):

  • Submit "Log In" records from your health club verifying 40 visits.

  • Home exercise program? Fill in 40 workouts on the "Activity Log".

3) Smoking Cessation 

  • "The Butt Stops Here" (offered by MVP through St. Peter's Health Partners)

    • Submit your certificate verifying completion.​

  • Doctor subscribed treatment plan? (Contact Patrick)

  • Other program? (Contact Patrick)

Have questions or want to submit paper work:


(315) 895-5303

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